Pictures from Rovaniemi and Turku

Turku is the city where Eppu is living and attending graduate school.

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A hilltop in Rovaniemi, a town where we stopped on the way back to Oulu from Oulanka. (Rovaniemi is almost right on the Arctic Circle.)

The intersection of Erik Street and Kristin Street, in Turku. (Signage gives the Finnish name on the first line and the Swedish name on the second line.)

Mom explores the gardens around Turku Castle. The harbor is in the background--you can see the side of a ship.

Turku Castle. What you see here is one of the more recent additions. The castle is quite large; standing in the courtyard, we could see many historical layers of building, additions, and modifications from different centuries.

Moomintroll! One of many Moomin sightings in Turku. I think this Moomin is advertising a family restaurant.

The river that runs through Turku. (I've forgotten its name.) We (Jensens and Eppu) ate lunch on a bench in the shade on the right. (Sorry about the extreme sun/shadow contrast in this picture.)

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