Pictures from Oulanka

(as I understand it, Oulanka is a sort of national park)

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The biological research station at Oulanka. We (Jensens and Timo, Paula, and Eppu) stayed in an apartment in a building out behind the one you see here.

The river, which I don't remember the name of. We (the Jensens) swam in it further upstream.

The start of the rapids, with Timo Ervasti (Eppu's father) looking on.

More rapids.

More rapids. Here you can see the dolomite cliffs of the gorge, with the red coloration from the iron content of the rock.

Near the top right of the picture is the broad pool where water coming out of the rapids slows down again.

Reindeer! Reindeer butt, more specifically.

Reindeer! Same guy, obviously, in a better pose. This shot is taken from several paces away, but a few minutes earlier this reindeer had ambled right by me, maybe 3 or 4 feet away. It was one of several close encounters with reindeer in and around Oulanka .

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