Pictures from St. John, January 2004

Here are some of the photos that I took with the regular camera, divided into groups of 4-5 for easier downloading:
Here's a selection of the photos that I took with the underwater camera, broken up into three groups to make the downloading a little more manageable. (This will still be kind of slow for those of us on modems.) As a general remark: I was rather disappointed with the underwater pictures from this camera. I didn't expect them to be really great, but still, it is a letdown to see how washed-out the colors get in the pictures after swimming with such brilliantly colored tropical fish. I guess that is a common problem with underwater photography--even though I was photographing in shallow, clear water, framing scenes that looked perfectly sun-bathed to me, there just wasn't enough light for the camera to do a great job, and something about the filtering of light through the water makes everything look uniformly blue to the camera. So, don't hold your breath while you wait for these pages to load!

Another drawback of the underwater camera was that it was hard to frame things up when I was trying to hold the viewfinder up against my mask and chase these moving subjects. So, the framing of several shots is "off," and there are some pictures (which I haven't posted here) where I don't seem to have captured anything but blank sea floor.

Still . . . the underwater camera was a lot of fun to play with!