On September 13, 2009, I went with a group of people from the Outdoor Adventure Social Club on a "kayaking tour of Washington." We rented kayaks from a boathouse on the Potomac and spent the afternoon paddling around at will. It was a gorgeous day and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I took along a disposable waterproof camera; here are a bunch of the prints. I've manipulated the colors of some shots, mainly increasing the saturation, to make up for the washed-out, overexposed look of the prints.

Jensen1_Jensen1-R2-002-00A.jpgThe boathouse.

Jensen1_Jensen1-R2-006-1A.jpgHeading upriver towards Georgetown University.

Jensen1_Jensen1-R2-010-3A.jpgGeorgetown, with a bigger and fancier boathouse.

Jensen1_Jensen1-R2-012-4A.jpgThe Key Bridge.

Jensen1_Jensen1-R2-014-5A.jpgDucks and ducklings (near Roosevelt Island, I think).

Jensen1_Jensen1-R2-016-6A.jpgOASC friends in a tandem kayak.

Jensen1_Jensen1-R2-018-7A.jpgRoosevelt Bridge on the left. The balustrade on the right is marked as "Rock Creek Park Trails" on Google Maps; it stands at one end of the National Mall.

Jensen1_Jensen1-R2-020-8A_colors.jpgThe Lincoln Memorial. Somehow, it was especially exciting to see it from the water. If I recall right, somebody told me that these steps down to the water were originally intended to be the dock for diplomats' boats; this would have been the "front door" of Washington, D.C. and the intent was to make a big impression. I haven't really looked up the history for myself, though. I believe the steps are built on fill and would not have been part of the L'Enfant plan.

Jensen1_Jensen1-R2-022-9A.jpgPaddling towards the Arlington Memorial Bridge.

Jensen1_Jensen1-R2-024-10A.jpgI got one of the other paddlers to take a couple pictures of me.



Jensen1_Jensen1-R2-028-12A_colors.jpgThe inlet to the Tidal Basin. Apparently you can kayak in there sometimes, but on the day we visited it was all gated off.

Jensen1_Jensen1-R2-030-13A_colors.jpgThe shoreline of East Potomac Park. We paddled past a race finish line (a triathlon, I thinkówe also saw race workers removing the temporary swimming launch docks).

arlington_memorial_bridge_colors.jpgArlington Memorial Bridge.



Jensen1_Jensen1-R2-042-19A_colors.jpgMy friends Mattie and Amy, in a tandem kayak in front of the Kennedy Center, with the Watergate in the background on the left.


Jensen1_Jensen1-R2-046-21A_colors.jpgAnother OASC pair in a tandem.

Jensen1_Jensen1-R2-048-22A_colors.jpgKennedy Center.