These are pictures from an OASC canoe trip that I did on June 28, 2009 on the South Fork Shenandoah River. There were seventeen people on the trip. Most of the pictures are just shots of the other boats on the river or people standing in the water, and I won't bother to caption them all. I'll add notes to a few of the pictures, though.

We stopped for lunch on a cobble beach and several people swam. I joined the group that was standing in the water after I took this and a few other shots. I also entertained everyone by swimmming against the current--it took a lot of work to stay in place. The guy sitting on the left in this picture is Emil, an OASC fixture. He has been on many of the same trips that I have been on. He's known for almost always bringing a flask of wine along on adventures, but on this weekend he did not. He said it was a statewide heightened-enforcement weekend on the roads, although I did not see any roadblocks or anything like that.

The guy on the left, in mask and snorkel, is Pete R., our trip leader. I forgot to ask him what he was seeing with the mask. The river was very silty-murky and I could not see more than a few inches through it.

This guy, Peter W. (there were three Peters on the trip), specifically requested a photo so that he could show his friends evidence that he had gone on the trip.

Emil enjoying a second swim of the day. You can't tell from context, but in this picture he is swimming from the boats in a slow pool farther down the river from where we had stopped for lunch and swum from shore.

Me, having fun!

Pete R. demonstrates the "wet entry." He was surprised that I did not know this technique, given my extensive history of flatwater canoeing.

This picture by Peter W. shows my canoe hung up on the rocks, with Pete R. paddling back to offer advice. I'm in the stern, wearing a red shirt; my canoeing partner for the day, a woman named Tee, is in the bow with her paddle raised. You can see in the picture that I am just about to stick a foot out of the canoe and lift us off the rocks. It wasn't difficult, once I did that.