Fellow paddlers: Feel free to copy these pictures and share them on Facebook or email them to your friends or family. I have higher-resolution copies (these were cut down to about 30 percent of the original size) if you want them. Just let me know.

There are a disproportionate number of pictures of Jodi and Orange, just because it was so great watching a woman and her kayak fall in love!

DSC03399.jpgJodi and Orange at the Maury put-in

DSC03400.jpgJodi and Orange near the put-in

DSC03401.jpgJodi plays around on the Maury while waiting for the car shuttle

DSC03403.jpgThe first rapid of the day, at the confluence of the Maury and the James

DSC03405.jpgGreat Blue Heron on the bank

DSC03406.jpgTara and Iva

DSC03407.jpgJodi and Orange

DSC03408.jpgTara and Jodi approach a small rapid

DSC03409.jpgJodi hangs back while Tara hits the rapid

DSC03410.jpgJodi hits the rapid

DSC03411.jpgTara and Jodi

DSC03412.jpgRocky outcrop overlooking Balcony Falls; paddlers stand on the "lunch rock" to scout the rapids

DSC03413.jpgOrange pulled up alongside Pete's canoe at the "lunch rock" next to Balcony Falls

DSC03414.jpgTara arrives at the "lunch rock" and pulls up near Iva's kayak

DSC03416.jpgBalcony Falls!


DSC03418.jpgWe meet at last . . .


DSC03422.jpgJodi gets ready to run Balcony Falls

DSC03423.jpgTara and Dan R. wait in the pool above Balcony Falls (all the kayakers wanted the canoe to run it first)


IMG_2781_small.jpgPete and I take his canoe over Balcony Falls (photo courtesy of Dan R.)

IMG_2782_small.jpgWhee! (photo courtesy of Dan R.)

DSC03425.jpgThe "lunch rock" as seen from below the rapids, with Iva in the photographer's spot

DSC03426.jpgDan R., Jodi, and Tara hang out below the rapids after paddling over Balcony Falls (Tara is just out of the picture; the nose of her yellow kayak is on the right)

DSC03427.jpgI paddle Dan R.'s kayak towards the falls, getting lined up with the chute

DSC03428.jpgI kayak over the falls while Dan R. looks on. Thanks for the use of your kayak, Dan!

DSC03429.jpgJodi and Orange, chilling out somwhere downriver of Balcony Falls

panorama_trimmed.jpgA very rough-stitched panorama of one of the ridges that we paddled past

DSC03439.jpgLooking downriver (paddlers from another party are visible ahead of us—it was a fairly busy day on the river)


DSC03441.jpgPete, with Dan R. and Tara in the background

DSC03443.jpgJodi powers ahead on the lake formed by a dam

DSC03444.jpgDan R., Tara, and Iva (almost completely hidden behind Tara)

DSC03445.jpgThe Appalachian Trail crosses the river-lake on an old railroad bridge; an active bridge (road or railroad? I can't remember) is behind it

DSC03446.jpgWe saw people jumping off the bridge into the water 20-30 feet below (depending whether they jumped from the deck level or the top of the railing)

DSC03447.jpgOn the drive back, we stopped at a roadside turnout that overlooked Balcony Falls. I snapped several pictures.